Monitoring and Reporting on Air Emissions for Regulators and the Real World ebook available now

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When it comes to managing the compliance and regulatory issues surrounding air emissions, there are no easy jobs. But the new ebook from Environment + Energy Leader can help.

With interviews from a variety of experts, including practitioners, the ebook shares insights on:

—The 3 elements that all mature air monitoring and reporting programs have in common

—4 keys to advancing your air emissions monitoring program for mandatory or voluntary reporting

—How to establish goals and monitor progress

—Evaluating where overall sustainability fits into your program

—5 questions to ask software providers/vendors

—How the new administration will affect your ESG program

—What to expect in 2021 and beyond

The ESG space faces the potential for enormous upheaval. What can you do to prepare? The new ebook gives professionals practical advice on advancing their air emissions monitoring and reporting programs, no matter where they are along the journey.

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